turkey villa

turkey villa


 4 Bed Detached Villa with Private Swimming Pool

4 Bed Detached Villa with Private Pool in Dalaman

Price: £97,000

This striking OFFPLAN 4 BEDROOM, 3 BATHROOM DETACHED VILLA is offering you a unique and exclusive opportunity to relax and unwind in harmony with nature, an opportunity to take time out just for you.
The property is situated in the hamlet of Karginkuru, only 3 kms away from Dalaman town center and it has lovely peaceful location close to pine forrested hills with an access Dalaman Fethiye highway making easy transportation to other resorts. The property has all entire infrastructures (electricity, water, telephone, internet).
The villa sets on 607 sqm plot size and faces to south side to ensure maximum sunshine and has great nature scenery in the contrasting greens of pines trees. The villa has 210 sqm building size, comprises a bedroom, a family bathroom, a seperate kitchen with dining area and a lounge on the groound floor linking to the terrace which looks green nature and pool, perfect for breakfast. At upstairs 3 more bedrooms (1 master bedroom with en-suite), a family bathroom, a laundry and 2 of bedrooms have balconies which command superb panoramic views. more details...


Dalaman Real Estate Agent
Dear overseas property buyers, you are always asking yourselves what you are looking for when you buy a property in Turkey. The answers are property condition, fair price, location, fitting to the requirements, easy access ie. These are all reasonable answers which have to be.
However many buyers are forgetting the most important point. In my opinion the first answer must be always trouble-free purchase. For example you really liked one of the property and you are ready to buy it, so the next step will be completing the purchase. So you now have to be careful. Please be sure to care of legal purchase process. We are the licensed real estate agent in Dalaman, always recommend our customers to employ a solicitor. A solicitor will check;
The title deeds of the property are in order
The person selling the property is the registered owner
There are no debts or charges on the property
Building Licenses and permissions are in order
Terms & Conditions of purchase
Why I am writing this article, because I heard many horrible stoires of overseas property buyer whom were cheated by the fake home owners a-or fake estate agents in all over the world. I know employing a solicitor costs a fortune between 400 600 pounds in Turkey, however you will keep your mind in safe and this comfort is inestimable.
Buying property in Turkey
There has never been a better time to purchase property in Turkey. This country provides everything you need for a vacation destination and what better way to enjoy your holiday than having your own home to return to year after year. The truth is you are going to probably take various vacations a year because you just need to pay the price of the airfare to your destination and with airlines offering great deals you will be able to probably take a trip at very low cost.
An additional good reason to buy property in Turkey is for investing. Turkey is a calm and peaceful nation that is trying to gain acceptance into the European union. Even though this is a long procedure, house prices are already beginning to rise in expectation. By buying property in Turkey today you can easily get a prime piece of property at a very low price and then be able to sell and generate a substantial profit in the near future.
Take a look at a few of the locations where you can purchase property in Turkey. Dalaman is a very famous tourist area in Turkey and is served by a major international airport. The Hilton chain of hotels opened a new hotel here during the past year and you can find a great golf course in the area. There are numerous different types of properties available for purchase, like apartments and villas or you could purchase a plot of land and construct your dream home.
Purchasing a property in Turkey is relatively simple and you don't need to have legal representation for the transaction of the deal. You do have to make sure that all the paperwork is on hand, such as the property deeds and also that the seller is the true listed owner of the property. You do not have to take on the work on your own with real estate businesses specializing in sales of homes and property to overseas buyers. You can be assured that they will work in your best interests.
To sell your property in Turkey
Do you have a property in Turkey and want to sell? Thinking about the steps you should undertake to sell property in Turkey? If the answer to these questions -Yes- and the best way to do this is to a real estate agent or broker who will help you sell your property to find Turkey.
You can get useful information from them regarding the property for sale in Turkey.You will find many real estate agents or agencies in Turkey and you can choose that agent who offers the best service in the industry.
The real estate agency or agents are kind of expertise people who deal with buying and selling of properties. Taking the help of such real estate agency or agents, sell your property irrespective of the kind of property it is that you are selling.
The real estate agent deals in property such as apartments, villas, bungalow, office building, warehouses, storeroom, etc. There is no need for you to take the help of two or more real estate agent. If you have decided to sell your property then make sure that you employ the assistance of one real estate agent only. All you need to do is do some research before you begin to interview people.
You can make a list of a few real estate agencies and after you find out more information about each of the agency, you can select one real estate agency to handle your sale of Turkey property. While you are deciding on the real estate agent for selling your property, you may want to consider certain factors before you make your decision. So do take into considerations those factors.
This way the agency would get more exposure and when it gets more exposure then the chances of your property being sold would also increase. You should opt for that real estate agent that advertise or promote its services in a number of publications.Possibly the best way to find a good and reliable real estate agent to help you sell off your property is to ask your friends or people you know for referrals.
How fast can sell their property, depending on how much effort you make to the distribution of your property. Do your homework well and you can be sure that you will be able to quickly sell their property.
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